Terms Of Service

By using our service you agree to the terms of service listed below and confirm that you have an understanding of IPTV and how it works. If you do not, we highly recommend you do some research prior to activation.

This service mainly focuses on channels from the USA, Canada and UK. International channels (channels outside the USA, Canada and UK) and PPV should be treated as a bonus with this service.

You as the buyer understand that we have the right to add and/or remove channels from the service without warning, as these can be removed from providers, and may be beyond our control.

There is a no refund policy after paid activation. Because of this we will provide you with a free trial account upon request so that you can test our service and decide whether or not you want to continue with us. Only one trial account is guaranteed per customer.

From time to time the servers need restarting, moving, replacing or general maintenance work on them to keep the streams reliable and working. We will do our best to update you via the updates page on our website whenever this happens or is planned.

As hard as we work to keep the streams up and running and reliable, remember the 'big dogs' are working twice as hard to shut them down. If you want 110% reliability, then we suggest paying Sky, Virgin, BT, Netflix etc. their extortionate costs for these services. The service we offer is spot on, but we cannot guarantee 100% reliability.